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Double Cone Blender

"Uses And Application Of Double Cone Blender Of Bipin Pharma Equipment"
"Double Cone Blender Advantages, Uses and Applications"

Double cone blenders are quite useful in creating a homogenous mixture by mixing up two or more ingredients together. With so many industries looking after the needs of consumers, it is important to possess machineries that would be able to produce large quantities of products in a short period of time. One of the most important machines that are used quite frequently in the industry is a double cone blender, which is manufactured by us at Bipin Pharma Equipment.

The lists of substances or materials that are mixed in this manner include:

• Coffee beans and ground coffee and seeds

• Semolina flour, starch and baby food

• Pharmaceutical granules, detergent granules and chocolate granules or flakes

• Dehydrated creams or soups

• Powdered milk and soap flakes

• Plastic in powder and fibreglass

• Artificial Fertilizers

Other than the aforementioned materials, there are even more substances that are used actually used in creating homogenous mixtures. The use of this blender is most frequently seen in factories that produce products such as food, healthcare, chemicals, detergents, cosmetics, plastics and fertilizers.

Operating Principle Of Double Cone Blenders

The operating principle of double cone blenders is quite simple.

• The pivotal part consists of the body and has two different sections that are cone shaped in nature. This is connected to the cone shaped axis which passes through the blender's cylindrical section.

• The motor that is situated in the blender is located in either of the two lateral support systems.

• The solid materials are introduced into the double cone blenders from the aperture. In this blender the mixing process occurs in an axial manner because of the powder moving in separate sections.

• The process of mixing happens quite thoroughly but it highly depends upon the rotating speed of the blender. This homogenous mixture is then ejected through the airtight valve that can be either operated automatically or manually.

Features Of Double Cone Blender

• Double cone blenders tend to provide you with a dependability on blending

• The space requirements for this machine is quite low

• There is a high amount of clearance under discharge

• The design of the double cone blenders tends to provide 3 sides of accessibility

The use of double cone blenders can most often be seen in case of dry blending of the solids that tend to be free flowing in nature. When these solids tend to be blended in the blending units they can therefore have different kind of density in proportion to the total mixture. The materials which are therefore being blended hence intermix when the rotation of the Double Cone Blender occurs.

BPE-1 30 20 20 0.5
BPE-2 150 100 20 1.5
BPE-3 300 200 20 2
BPE-4 500 350 20 2
BPE-5 1000 750 20 3
BPE-6 1500 1000 20 5
BPE-7 2000 1400 20 7.5
BPE-8 2500 1750 20 10
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The Double Cone Blender is an efficient and versatile machine used for mixing and lubrication process of dry powders homogeneously. It's named after its double cone shape that allows a multi-directional flow of the materials inside, thus ensuring a very uniform mixing. Here are the main application areas :

In the pharmaceutical industry, the Double Cone Blender is used to blend various powdered ingredients to create a consistent mixture for producing capsules, tablets, and other medicinal products.

Food and Beverage Industry
This blender is used to mix a variety of dry powder ingredients evenly, such as spices, flour, powdered milk, cocoa, and sugar, among others.

Cosmetics Industry
In the cosmetics industry, the Double Cone Blender is used to blend and homogenize different powdered components to produce makeup, powders, and other cosmetic products.

Chemical Industry
The blender is used in the chemical industry for the homogeneous mixing of various powdered chemicals.

Dyestuff Industry
It is used for mixing and blending different dyes and pigments in a dry state.

Plastic Industry
In the plastics industry, it is used to blend plastic granules or pellets with additives such as colorants and flame retardants.

Metallurgical Industry
The Double Cone Blender is used to blend various powders used in metallurgical processes, like the preparation of molding sands or mixing of alloying elements.

The Double Cone Blender provides a low-impact method of achieving a highly homogeneous mixture of products, making it highly desirable in industries where product integrity is of utmost importance.