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Bipin Pharma Equipment's Vibro Sifter: Most Efficient Gadget To Grab On

With new technologies and innovations we get to see the introduction of new machineries that are making large scale productions compared to the earlier times. One such machinery that is being used quite widely by many of the different industries out there is Vibro Sifter machineries. We, at Bipin Pharma Equipment, manufacture it the best way.

When it comes to this kind of machinery, one of the main reasons it has become quite popular is because how easily it helps in an increased amount of production in no time at all. However, one of the cons that comes with this machine is that the machine's construction along with its main working principle is quite complex for most laymen to understand. Therefore, without proper knowledge of the mechanics, not everyone can use this machine.

Vibro Sifter
Let's Take A Look At The Essential Components Of Vibro Sifter Machines

Before understanding how sifter machines tend to work, it is important to understand the essential components that make up these machineries.

• These machineries have spring included essentially allowing the upper part of the machine to vibrate in a manner free of hindrances.

• High quality springs help in the minimization of the power consumption.

• Electric motors present in these machineries causes a vibratory motion which is multi-plane in nature.

• The screen structure of the machine are where the sieves are actually fitted which help in separating the materials according to their consistency. The screens are further held in a single position allowing the material to move in a single direction depending on the vibration which could either be horizontal or vertical in nature.

• The structure of every Vibro sifter machines is made out of stainless steel. It helps the product stay confined to a proper size and adroitness.

The lids of the machines have to be closed shut in order for the process to take place within the containers. Bipin Pharma Equipment produces this durable product which is trusted by majority of the suppliers and manufacturers all over the country.

Know the Specifications

• The outer body is made out of stainless steel (ss)

• The automation grade of the machine is set to be automatic

• With a SS304, 316 material grade, this machine is top notch in its class

• Voltage of the machine is at 220V

Model Motor Deck
VBS 20” DIA 0.1/4 hp Single Deck / Double Deck/ triple Deck
VBS 30” DIA 0.5 hp Single Deck / Double Deck/ triple Deck
VBS 36” DIA 1 hp Single Deck / Double Deck/ triple Deck
VBS 48” DIA 1.5 hp Single Deck / Double Deck/ triple Deck

Model BPE_20” DIA BPE_30” DIA BPE_36” DIA BPE_ 48” DIA
Screens SS 304 SS 304 SS 304 SS 304
Screen Diameter 508 mm 762 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm
Capacity/Hour * 20 to 140 Kgs 30 to 200 Kgs 200 to 400 Kgs 200 to 400 Kgs
Charging height 1110 mm 1250 mm 1340 mm 1340 mm
Discharging height 690 mm 790 mm 850 mm 850 mm
Electric Motor 0.25 HP 0.5 H.P.  1. HP  1.5 HP 
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A Vibro Sifter is a machine that is used for the separation, grading and screening of materials in a variety of applications. The Vibro Sifter operates on the principle of gyratory vibrations and is capable of separating different-sized particles or powders. Here are some application areas :

In the pharmaceutical industry, a Vibro Sifter is used to separate granules from the powder, grade raw materials, and ensure quality control of finished products like tablets and capsules.

Food Processing Industry
Vibro sifters are used in food processing for the grading and sifting of grains, coffee, spices, and other food particles. They can also be used to separate solid particles from liquids in cases such as juice production.

Chemical Industry
Vibro sifters are used in the chemical industry for the grading and separation of fine chemicals, pigments, and resins.

Cosmetics Industry
They are used to sift and separate the ingredients used in the cosmetic industry.

Metal & Mining Industry
Used to separate minerals and metals based on their sizes and shapes.

Agriculture Industry
Vibro sifters are also used for the separation and grading of agricultural products like grains and seeds.

Ceramics Industry
They are used to sieve ceramic powders and separate them according to size for better quality control.

In essence, any industry that requires the separation of solids, liquids, and powders can use a Vibro Sifter.