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Best Rapid Mixer Granulator Now @Bipin Pharma Equipment

A rapid mixer granulator is one of the most essential pharmaceutical equipment. Without this piece of device, pharmaceutical ingredients cannot be mixed well and made into granules. The granules made by this device are later compressed to give rise to various forms of drugs. In fact, this mixer is not just pharmaceutically important; one can also use it to mix food products as well as chemicals.

If you too are searching for a Rapid Mixer Granulator, you need to go for the best one. It is the essentiality of this piece of equipment that demands that you take the best one. If you make a compromise with quality, you compromise with the production process. So what entails the best Rapid Mixer Granulator?

Rapid Mixer Granulator

The best device must be able to -

• Maintain Unit Formula
• Do granulation, Mixing and massing
• Form desired wet granules rapidly do rapid drying

There are different models of these devices manufacture by Bipin Pharma Equipment company and all of these are designed to meet the exact requirement of the user. The essence of manufacturing different models is to offer the best output to the customer. However, there are some common technicalities that make each of these models the best in its class. These innovative and cost effective Rapid Mixer Granulator devices:

• Are Gravity Loaded
• Can Maintain Unit Formula
• Can Do granulation, Mixing and massing
• Are excellent for rapid formation of desired wet granule
• Can do rapid drying Do less Wetting

A Range Of Sizes

You can also get these models in various capacity ranges from 5kg to a commendable 1000kg. Sometimes the rapid mixer granulators can also be designed in order to hold a capacity of 500 kgs to 20000 kgs according to the demand of the customer. A mixer that can rapidly form granulates with modern designs and functions are very useful for pharmaceutical purposes. It is very good equipment when it comes to manufacturing tablets. These devices enable homogenous mixing of ingredients as well as controlling the size of the granules. This makes it excellent equipment for pharmaceutical purposes.

High Performance And Durability

The machines manufacture by Bipin Pharma Equipment Company, offer high performance, are durable and reliable and boast of sturdy construction that follows all the international standards. Qualified engineers, skilled personnel, technical experts all work together hand in hand to provide the best equipment. All these procedures and the final test are observed by quality controllers who ensure that the final product suits the need of the customers and is of the highest quality.


A Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG), also known as a High Shear Mixer, is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, but can also be found in other industries as well. Here are the main application areas :

Pharmaceutical Industry
This is perhaps the most common application of a Rapid Mixer Granulator. It is used for mixing powders, granulation and for tablet production. The rapid mixer granulator aids in enhancing the solubility, flowability, and mixability of the different components that make up a tablet.

Chemical Industry
In the chemical industry, RMGs can be used for the blending and granulation of various chemical powders.

Food and Beverage Industry
RMGs can be used in the processing of various food items and in the production of beverage powders. They can help ensure a homogeneous mix of ingredients.

Cosmetics Industry
In cosmetics, RMGs are used for the homogeneous mixing of various ingredients used in producing cosmetic powders, creams, etc.

Dye Industry
Rapid Mixer Granulators can be used to blend and granulate different dyes.

RMGs can be used in the agricultural industry to produce fertilizers by evenly blending different ingredients and producing granules that are easy to spread.

Plastics Industry
RMGs are also utilized in the plastics industry where they are used for the compounding of plastic materials.

Overall, Rapid Mixer Granulators are used in any industry where there is a need for the homogeneous mixing and granulation of powders.

Model BPE_3 LTR. BPE_ 5 LTR BPE_10 LTR BPE_15 LTR BPE_25 LTR BPE_75 LTR BPE_ 100 LTR BPE_150 LTR BPE_ 250 LTR BPE_400 LTR BPE_ 600 LTR BPE_ 800 LTR BPE_1200 LTR
Working Capacity in Liters 3 5 10 15 25 75 100 150 250 400 600 800 1200
Working Capacity in Kilograms 0.5 to 1.2 1 to 2 2 to 4 4 to 6 8 to 10 20 to 30 25 to 40 40 to 60 70 to 100 100 to 160 150 to 240 180 to 320 280 to 480
Main Motor 750/1440 RPM 2 / 3. 2/3. 2/3. 3/5. 3/5. 3/5. 5/7.5 10/12.5 25/30 30/40 50/100 60/75 80/100
Chopper Motor 1440/2880 RPM 0.5/1 0.5/1 0.5/1 0.5/1 0.75/1.5 1.5/3 1.5/3 2./3 3./5 5/7.5 5/7.5 5/7.5 10/15.
Gear Box Size NMRV P075 NMRV P075 NMRV P075 NMRV P075 NMRV P075 W110 V500 V600 V700 V800 V1000 V1200 V1200