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From the house of Bipin Pharma Equipment comes first of its kind manual inspection machine (MIM) with BW hood for detailed inspection of liquid filled ampoules and vials. Our series of MIM have been meticulously created for meeting the evolving demands of clinical laboratories, biomedical research and pharmaceutical industries. They are suitable for re-inspection of automatic machines, and also function as a validation tool for the semi-automatic inspection machine.

Our easy to use manual inspection machine with BW hood comes with a standalone workstation, having non-glare background, tray holders and fluorescent ballasts. In addition to this, the number of workers who operate the machine can be customized as per client's needs, ranging from one-seated to four seated (having one or two side seated). It offers economic operation with the use of a highly efficient motor to optimize the filter size and a stainless steel (SS) construction for longer life.

Manual Inspection Machine With Bw Hood
Manufacture and Design of Manual Inspection Machine With BW Hood
What are the specifications?

• Main Body Crafted From Superior AISI Stainless Steel (SS) 304 Grade

• Outer SS Matt Design For Elegant Finish

• SS Conveyor Belt For Aligning With Other Machines

How is the design?

• The entire body of the machine is made from the finest quality stainless steel, featuring matt finish.

• The BW cabinet are gauged and welded together using SS 304 for creating uniform monolithic shell.

• The workstation has recessed trays along with a spill-protection zone, making easy to use lab tools or offers additional space to handle different machineries such as compounding system and liquid handlers.

What are the salient features?

• The operation is based on digital microprocessor technology for better performance and safety.

• A dual airflow themistor is equipped to inspect and monitor bottles in the magnifying dome.

• White & black background for in-depth inspection of bottles in an alternate manner.

• The positive pressure plenums are surrounded by vacuum so as to make sure that there is no leakage. and all the air through the plenums are forced into the system through highly efficient filters.

• A variable speed drive system is enabled, allowing users to control the speed of the pulley/

• For seamless operation, reduction gears are also present in the system that contribute to noiseless and jerk-free operation.

What are the optional accessories?

• Additional Electrical Parts

• Safety Silicon Gasket

• Different Grade of Stainless Steel (SS) Components


A Manual Inspection Machine with Black & White (BW) Hood is primarily used in industries that package their products in transparent or semi-transparent containers, where visual inspection is necessary to ensure product quality and integrity. The BW hood provides a high contrast background to facilitate the identification of impurities, defects, or inconsistencies. Here are some of its primary application areas :

The machines are extensively used for inspecting vials and bottles containing liquid or powder medications for any particles, precipitates, cracks, or improper seals.

Food and Beverage Industry
They are used to inspect containers of food and drink products for foreign bodies, fill level irregularities, or seal integrity issues.

Cosmetics Industry
These machines are used for inspecting containers of cosmetics and personal care products to ensure that they are free of contaminants and appropriately filled and sealed.

Chemical Industry
They are used for checking containers of chemicals for any contaminants or inconsistencies.

Biotechnology and Life Sciences
Manual inspection machines with BW hood are used to visually inspect cell cultures, reagents, and other biological products for any contaminants or abnormalities.

Essentially, any industry that needs a thorough visual inspection of its products before they reach customers can benefit from a Manual Inspection Machine with BW Hood. It helps to ensure that only quality, defect-free products make it to market, thereby helping to maintain the company's reputation for quality and safety.