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Bottle management system (BMS) provides a positive and stable control to the various containers in automatic filling line, while offering an exceptional platform for the final pickup. Turn table are an essential aspect of BMS, these compact machines are used for full bottle, empty bottle and accumulation of different products in manufacturing and packaging systems. Bipin Pharma Equipment, a reputable manufacturer offers turntables that can dramatically enhance the efficiency of several industries including pharmaceutical, food & beverages, and cosmetics production.

We deliver best-in-class turn tables that can be used for any shape or size of bottles. They are quick to install and require little or no maintenance. Our line of turn tables are suitable for almost every product that can stand or come in regular shape of cans, bottles, tins and so on. Backed by a team of competent engineers, we only produce superior and result-driven turn tables with a capacity of 20 to 100 bottles per minute.

Manufacture & Design of Turn Table
What are the specifications?

• Tubular Stainless Steel (SS) 304 Construction

• Vibration Resistant and Fully Articulating Foot Pads

• SS Steel Coated Exposed Parts For Corrosion Resistance

How is the design?

• The outer part of the machine is made of tubular construction stainless steel

• The turn table smoothly glides on rubber with self-lubricating bearings for noise-free operation.

• The table comes with an adjustable height ranging from 300 to 400 for comfortable usage.

• The base cabinet can either be 100% enclosed or open frame with compression latches and hinged doors.

What are the salient features?

• The dimension of the turn table is 30 X 30 inches, having a width of 1/8 inch and supported by 2 inch tube.

• Potentiometer based speed control system, with a variable speed of about 100 bottles per minute.

• Safe and Ul listed electrical panel with a robust piping to the motor of the machine.

• The motor of the turn table is powered by a D.C gear motor 17/50, generating 0.5 HP power.

• Holds a unique floating bears that removes the downward thrust on the drive armature for longer operations.

• The standard speed of the machine is about 82.5 feet/min or 0 to 7 rotations per minute (RPM) with 3 steep pulleys.

• Castor wheels are present at the bottom for optimal movability from one place to another.

What are the optional accessories?

• Rails for elimination of charge

• Extra Stainless Steel Electrical Parts


A turn table, often referred to as a rotary table, is a versatile piece of equipment used in many industries for a variety of purposes. It's primarily used to rotate objects or materials to allow work on various sides or to create a circular pattern. Here are some primary application areas :

Turn tables are used in assembly lines for rotating products during different stages of assembly. They can also be used for product inspection, testing, and packaging processes.

Pharmaceutical Industry
In pharmaceutical packaging processes, turn tables are often used for bottle handling tasks such as feeding containers onto a conveyor line, changing the direction of containers, or accumulating containers after they've been filled.

Food and Beverage Industry
Turn tables are used in processes such as canning, bottling, and packaging. They can also be used for product inspection and sorting.

Warehousing and Logistics
Turn tables are often used in pallet wrapping processes to rotate the pallet while stretch wrap is applied.

Automotive Industry
Turn tables are used in painting processes to rotate the car bodies to allow even painting from all angles.

Metalworking and Machining
In these industries, rotary tables are used on milling machines to add precision and flexibility to the machining process.

Entertainment Industry
Turn tables are often used on stages for rotating sets or performers.

Retail Industry
Turn tables are used in display cases to allow customers to view products from all angles.

In summary, a turn table's applications are wide and varied, making it a versatile and essential piece of equipment in many sectors.